Funding & Maintenance

Capital costs: Funding of the land purchase for the Green and its establishment over three years was covered by a 50% contribution by National Lottery provided matching funds could be raised. Generous contributions were made to meet this requirement by:

Bernard Sunley Charitable Trust  Western Power
Challenge Adventure Charities Erica Leonard Trust 
Leonard Trust Mid Devon District Council 
 Northcott Trust Amory Trust 
Many others including those who gave their time. 



  • Maintenance.
    • Upkeep. Currently covered by individual donations. Volunteers manage the strimming and cutting of nettles and brambles etc.
  • Mowing Equipment. The tractor and mower that we have used for the last 20 years needs to be returned to the owner. Help is needed with donations towards a 10% contribution to a grant application for £16,000 to enable us to purchase a new tractor and mower. For storage we have a new 20 ft. container (purchased in 2019) and installed at the west end of the Green. Please contact any of the trustees if you wish to contribute.
  • Website. This has now been established.
  • Projects Wild flower seed, for example. Currently by individual donation – Kew Gardens gave us seeds in 2018.
  • One off larger projects
    • Steps down to the peninsular were constructed by trustees and volunteers with donated concrete slabs. 
    • During the wet winter of 2017-2018 a path of concrete steps was placed in the mud in the narrows.
    • Bridge construction (2018) and (2020) by trustees and volunteers using existing trees
      from the north bank of the stream and donated lumber.

Currently we receive no grants from any Public Bodies.