Spring Maintenance 2022

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April 2021 – Thorverton Millennium Green Receives a Large Grant from Viridor Credits for Mowing Equipment

The Thorverton Millennium Green has been well-maintained over the years thanks to the generosity of the loan of a tractor and mowing equipment by a local benefactor. The tractor has now been returned to the family for their use and the challenge was to raise monies for new equipment.

The Millennium Green is in the centre of the village and is very popular for exercise, picnicking, dog-walking and rejuvenation, especially during these times of the Covid-19 pandemic. Although the Green is not a formal park in any sense, mowing pathways and keeping brambles at bay makes the area much more accessible to everyone, including the elderly, wheelchair users, and children. As part of our obligations to the Trust, we are also required to keep the paths (including the public footpath which passes through the Green) mown during the growing months.

A grant application was made to Viridor Credits, and donations for a ten percent local contribution were gratefully received from the Devon County Council, The Leonard Trust, Focus (the village magazine) and the Thorverton Parish Council. Thanks to the hard work of  the Trustees, Maggie Dunlop, and volunteers, David Waldron and Jerry Parkinson, the Millennium Green Trust received a substantial grant from Viridor Credits. This enabled the Trustees to go ahead with the purchase of a new ISEKI sub compact tractor along with an attached mower and flail. The new equipment is now being put into good use by one of the Trustees, our chief tractor driver.

Hank Jone, Treasurer, driving the tractor.

Jerry Parkinson, (volunteer ) – tractor equipped with flail








April 2020 – Footpath from the Millennium Green to the Top of the Hill
Get your heart pumping with a walk up the hill from the top of theMillennium Green through a field to the “summit” which will afford a splendid view of Thorverton and and the surrounding landscape.








April 2020 – Thorverton Millennium Green Memorial Trees
At a recent meeting the Trustees agreed that people would be allowed to plant a tree in memory of a loved one in an designated area. The Trustees will provide a list of acceptable native trees. A small memorial plaque would also be permitted in keeping with what is already there. A voluntary financial contribution to the Thorverton Millennium Green Trust, Charity number 1081544 would be invited to be used for the ongoing maintenance of the field. Please contact John Spivey (Phone 816324 or e-mail or speak to any of the Trustees.



April 2020 – Fruit Trees Now in the Ground
In January 2020, TMGT purchased 13 fruit trees – apple (cookers and eaters), plum and pear – which have been planted at the east end of the Green along the edge of the old wildflower
area. The plum trees are already showing blossom, and we look forward to ‘enjoying the fruits of our labours’. We still have some space for more tree planting, and it is now possible to plant a tree as a memorial, if you wish. Please contact one of the Trustees (or phone John Spivey on 861324) for further information.



Tree Planting
Doing their bit for the environment, on November 30, 2019 volunteers planted 140 saplings in addition to 10 fruit trees and two walnut trees planted earlier.

Lime Tree planted in honour of Dame Margaret Turner-Warwick, 25th August 2018

Autumn Views of the Millennium Green (Click for a larger version)

Chairman Margaret Turner-Warwick Honored at the AGM

Margaret-richardChairman Margaret Turner-Warwick pictured here with her husband, Dr. Richard Turner-Warwick retired from her position as Chairman at the 2015 AGM of the Thorverton Millennium Trust.  Thanks to her very skillful administration, the Green is well-maintained and its natural amenities are enjoyed by both visitors and residents of Thorverton.  The Trustees are also very grateful to Dr. Richard Turner-Warwick for providing a mower and regular mowing of the Green for many years..  John Spivey, Vice-Chairman will assume leadership of the Trust in the interim. A Grateful Acknowledgment to the Leonard Trust



Margaret Turner-Warwick

Sadly, Dame Margaret Turner-Warwick passed away at the age of 92 on 21st August 2017. She was instrumental in establishing the Millennium Green, spending a great deal of time organising funding, purchasing, maintaining the Green and setting up the Thorverton Millennium Green Trust (TMGT). She was a very active Chairman of TMGT from 2000 to 2015 and then stayed on as a much valued Trustee. She will be greatly missed by all of the Trustees and her many friends in the village of Thorverton. There is a tribute on the Royal College of Physicians website.

To our great surprise this arrangement of grass cuttings appeared on the Green. We don’t know who did it, but we all appreciate the thought behind it and I’m sure Margaret would have approved.

The Leonard Trust Continues to Support the Millennium Green

Over time, heavy rains and standing water degrade the footpaths of the Millennium Green making it difficult for feet and wheels to navigate.  Thanks to the generous financial support of the Leonard Trust, needed repairs can be made to the paths and stream bed.  








Making the Millennium Green More Accessible

Trustees, their friends and families are hacking away at brambles, nettles and undergrowth to give better access to all areas of the Green.  Normally, the 4th Saturday of the month at 11am is a designated work day.  Bring your lunch, clippers and secaturs—drinks provided.

New Path Narrows to Peninsula MG 2016 P1000622

New Millennium Green Bridge

Led by John Spivey, a group of Millennium Green volunteers felled 3 alder trees to span the “River Jordan” and finished off the job with planking and a handrail.  A ramp for wheelchair users will be added.  Much effort has been expended to create a circular trail, now linked by the new bridge.








Millenium Green Willow Trimmings Provide Easter Bouquet Material  Elspeth and her floral crew used willow trimmings and buds to enhance the lovely Easter arrangements for the church.  Well-used!

P1010331 P1010330

In August, Jenny Garne leads the late evening moth trapping expedition, in some years trapping and releasing some moths which are new records for the Millennium Green site.  Of particular interest was the sighting of a Marbled Green moth, a species normally found on the coast.  Yearly results are sent to the Devon County Moth Recorder.  More information about moths can be found by clicking on “Links” on this site, clicking “Flora and Fauna”, and finally, “Devon moths”.

2295_marbled_green_4329 jenny-lin