The Green

Users of the Green do so at their own risk. Reminder notices at the entrance warn that the stream and slippery slopes pose possible dangers.

Our Green is a 5-acre (or two and one-half Hectares) green meadow with a stream (the River Jordan) running along its north boundary and includes a peninsula where the stream bends round on three sides.

There is a level area for children to play, mown grass paths to make a circular walk taking about 15 minutes and a hard path leading from the entrance in Milford Lane down to the stream with a picnic table, giving access for people in wheel chairs and others to enjoy the quiet space.

A variety of trees have been planted including several varieties of native and wild fruit species. One part is being developed as a wild flower area and a large number of grasses can be found.

Dogs can romp freely but owners must be responsible for clearing up after them. Dog bins for dog bags kindly provided by the Mid Devon District Council at the entrance. Unruly dogs are the responsibility of their owners and should be kept on leads or muzzled for the safety of other users and their dogs. The Trustees may exclude such dogs if they are persistent offenders.

Special events include moth and butterfly identification and the nature study projects.