In addition to native trees already growing in the meadow, many others, mostly native, were planted. Willows line part of the stream and wild pear and apple trees grow near the wildflowers. A Royal Oak was planted recently to commemorate the Queen!s Diamond Jubilee. There is even a fossil tree – the Gingko.


A list of the trees planted
can be found below

Behind Chip Leonard Seat Willows Between Two Fields
 Bird Cherry  Salix Common Veminalis Osier  Crab Apple
Wild Service  Salix Grey Coat Cinerea   Wild Pear
Small Leaf Lime  Salix Golden Vitellinia  Hazel 
Chinese Necklace Poplar  Salix Red Dephoides   
Swedish Whitebeam  Salix Crack Fragalis   
Boundary Hedge  Special Trees   
 Common Dogwood  Sweet Chestnut  
Hazel  Millennium Oak 2001   
Guelder Rose  Royal Oak Jubilee 2012   
Holly  Ginkgo   
  Garia Elliptica – Suzanne   
  Quercus Rubra – Glanville   
  Salix Willow – Sally Mills