Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who designed it? From the very beginning, the opinions of villagers were solicited through questionnaires and their input is continually welcomed. The overwhelming consensus was that the area should remain as natural as possible while meeting the needs of a wide range of users by providing firm, gravel paths in some areas and mown trails in others. Every effort was made to plant wild flowers, grasses and trees native to Devon and also to manage responsibly the plants and trees already on site.

  • Who are the Trustees and how are they elected? Nominations are proposed at the Annual General Meeting to which the whole community is invited and are ratified at the Trustees meeting. The Trustees also make proposals which are reported at the AGM. Their names  appear Here

  • Who supplied the photos? John Spivey, Ros Brimacombe and Becky Stannard. They are copyrighted and are not to be used without permission.

  • Who built the website? Many thanks to Ashley Allerton, a volunteer.
    WordPress was used for the design.

  • Funding, Maintenance and Donations? Please see the Funding & Maintenance Page

  • Can I bring groups of children? Yes but if it is a larger group please use contact to let us know because we might like to add this to our NEWS

  • Does the Green provide any vital services to the village? Yes. As well as its leisure and amenity facilities it is registered with the Devon Air ambulance Service for emergency use. 

  • Are school groups encouraged?. Yes  we very much hope that the School and preschool will use the Green more for nature and environmental studies, games, cross country runs and other activities Please contact us